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    GSR-110B           GSR-110B-S2         GSR-191B          GSN-130/160B
 Shortly after an unexpected natural disaster such as an earthquake or a strong hurricane, the electrical power supply will be out,
flashlights run out of battery and cell phones and smart phones will need to be charged in order to communicate with outside world
to seek help. Even in ordinary situations such as camping, out door activities or mountaineering, there will be a need for some kind
of reliable power supply.
 The RETRACTABLE SOLAR GENERATORS is a very safe and reliable source of electricity not only for emergency situations,
but also for power blackouts, outdoor activities, camping and other situations. It weighs less than 3Kg (GSR-191B has higher output
and weighs at 12 Kg) and can be set up almost everywhere by just pulling out the retractable solar screen and place it under the sun

 UV Photo Surface Processors
Conveyor type UV Photo Surface Processor using UV lamps for photo surface processing. It can be made in different sizes for different applinations. One chamber Photo Surface Processors. It can be made for a wide variety of applications.  Batch type Photo Surface Processors. It can be made in different sizes.  Table top Photo Surface Processor for experiment or small scale production.
 All Models of UV Photo Surface Processors, Conveyor types, Batch types, Portable table top types can be made for all kind of applications.
 High quality Low Pressure Mercury Lamps guarantee a long life, High Performance. The exposure area (Chamber's size) can be designed to
provide the highest energy needed to modify or clean the surface of various type of substrates. Bing Glass, Stainless Steel, Plastics or Resin.
 The portable table top model with an exposure area of 150mm x 150mm, and a UV lamp with 5,000 hours of effective life span (if it is used
continuosly), is the most popular model among universites and R&D laboratories. It also can be used for small scale products if needed.

UV Photo Surface Curing Systems
Conveyoy Type UV Photo Surface Curing Systems.   Conveyor type Photo Surface Curing System.    UV Photo Surface Curing System.    UV Photo Surface Curing System.
 Large UV Photo Surface Curing system in various types for various applications. Equipped with High quality High Pressure
Mercury or Metalhalide Lamps ranging from 100W to 20kW can cure the surface of substrates such as PET films, Glass, PVD, Resin
etc. and in applications such as Roll to Roll curing, PCB, PMMA, LCD, EGI and LCD bonding.

Mask Aligner for Photolithography.   Mask Aligner for Photolithography.   Mask Aligner for Photolithography.   Solar Simulators for up to 300mm x 300mm solar cells.
 Photolithography or optical lithography is a process used in micro fabrication to selectively remove parts of a thin film or
the bulk of a substrate. It uses light to transfer a geometric pattern from a photo mask to a light sensitive chemical called photo
resist or simply resist on the substrate. A series of chemical treatments then either engraves the exposure pattern into, or enables
deposition of a new material in the desired pattern upon, the material underneath the photo resist.

Compact Portable & Spot type UV Curing Devices 
100W Portable hand held UV Photo Surface Curing device.   400W & 1000W Portable hand held UV Photo Surface Curing devices.   2kW〜5.6kW Portable UV Photo Surface Curing device.  Spot type UV Photo Surface Curing device. 
 Compact Portable type Photo Surface Curing devices equipped with 100W, 400W & 1000W High Pressure Mercury Lamps can
be held in hand or set on production line to cure the surface of small substrates. Light in weight, Low in cost and easy to use for curing
bonds, adhesives, prints, paints, coating etc.

 Also the spot type UV curing device is made for partial curing on larger substrates that cannot be cured as one unit. The high concentrated
UV light allows to cure any spot instantly. This model is largely used for curing the small lenses of mobile phone cameras.

 High & Low Capacity UV Water Purification Systems
UV Water Purification Sysytems can be designed for different applications.   Large UV Photo Water Treatment System with 12 to 16 110W UV lamp for water plant.  Medium size water purification system.   Small UV Water Treatment Devices.    
 Water purification systems using 20W to 110W Low Pressure Mercury Lamp are desiged for low, medium and high volume water
 Each system uses the energy of 254nm germicidal wavelength of Low Pressure Mercury Lamp to distroy the genetic information in DNA
bonding of organic contamination, germs, virus and bacteria and prevent reproduction, resulting in cleaner and safer water. The smaller
size can be used with standard filtration filters to remove solid substances from the water before UV treatment. UV light has no negative
effect on taste or quality of water.

 Low Pressure UV Lamps
UV Lamps made by Synthesis quartz glass to optimize 185nm ray penetration.   UV Lamp for vaccum chambers. They can made in different wattage and sizes.    UV Lamp for purifying the air inside the water storage tanks.   Grid type UV Lamps with 150mm x 150mm effective exposure area.
 More than 100 different types of High quality, High performance Low Pressure Mercury Lamps in different wattage for different
applications. From Ozone free lamps for water treatment etc. purposes to Ozone lamps for UV/Ozone surface modification and cleaning.
The 185nm wavelength is optimized by manufacturing the lamp by synthetic quartz glass. Also a new technique allows to extend the
lamp's effective life span by 40 to 50%.
 Though the UV lamps are mostly used in surface processing to increase the surface tension and adhesion power, they also are use for
water treatment, air cleaning and environmental protection as well.

 High Pressure Mercury & Metalhalide Lamps
All type of UV ARC, High Pressure and Metalhalide lamps.     All type of UV ARC, High Pressure and Metalhalide lamps.   All type of UV ARC, High Pressure and Metalhalide lamps.   All type of UV ARC, High Pressure and Metalhalide lamps.
High Pressure Mercury Lamps are the most popular lamps with peak wavelength of 365 nm which is mainly used for surface curing. They are
available in different size and wattages for a wide variety of applications.

 Water Filtration Filters & Filter Housings
High Quality High Precission filter cartridges for water filteration.     Low cost High Performance Filter Housing for water filtration.   Stainless Steel Filter Housings for water filtration.    Compact 1 to 3 stage water filtration system.
 Where the UV water treatment systems cannot be used, Filter Housings and filter cartridges are the best solution. Different type of
housings and filters to purify the source, drinking, heavy water up to 99.9%. These filters also can be used as pre-process to filtrate the solid
substances and harmful chemicals that cannot be remove by UV light. These filters are suitable for any applications such as Schools, Hotels
restaurant, House holds, Factories etc.

 LED Grow (Plant) & LED Aquarium Lights
High Performance, low energy consumption, 50,000 hours of life span and built in fan to dissipate the heat are the major advantages of LED light.
The LED Grow (Plant) Light and LED Aquarium Light are designed for large plant factories and fish culturing industry as well as home gardening and decorative aquarium tanks for hobbyists. The universal input voltage of AC 85V to 264V makes them very suitable for use in any country. All products are CE, FCC and RoHS certified.

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