Filter Housings & Filter Cartridges
Various Filter housings from small Resin made housings for low flow water to large stainless steel housings to process high volume of water as well as High precision water filters, Activated Carbon Filters, High precision Hollow filters and more.   

Standard RESIN filter housings

HPK & HPKS Models

The polypropylene made body of housing makes it an excellent chemial resistance housing.
The housing can be loaded with 125, 250 & 508mm filter cartridges for different applications.
Very Low Cost and easy to maintain features allows lower cost peocess systems.

Model HPK(S)-125 HPK (S)-250 HPK (S)-250-34P HPK (S)-500
Connection 1/4"、3/8" 1/4"、3/8" 3/4" 3/8", 1/2", 3/4"
Head Section Polypropylene
Housing Material Polypropylene (AS Resin for HPKS type)
O Ring NBR
Max. water Pressure 0.4MPa 0.49MPa
Temp. 4℃~45℃
Overall Length 178mm 303mm 321mm 576 (583) mm
Width 121mm 116mm 133mm 133mm
Cartridge size 125mm 250mm 250mm 508mm

     HPK Type

   HPKS (Transparent)

BHP & BHPS Models
ABS Resin filter housings, HBP & HPBS models can use big size
   115mm filter cartridge and consequenly high volume of water can
    be processed. It is very easy to maintain and it can be installed by
    provided installation screws.

The transparent model allows checking the filter inside the housing
   without taking the filter out of housings.


      BHP Type     BHPS Type (transparent)
Model  BHP-250-
34P / 1P/ 15P
34P / 1P/ 15P
34P / 1P/ 15P
34P / 1P/ 15P
34P / 1P/ 15P 
34P / 1P/ 15P 
Connection 3/4", 1", 1.5"  
Head Section Polypropylene ABS Resin Polypropylene ABS Resin ABS Resin  ABS Resin 
Housing Material Polypropylene Polycarbonate  Polycarbonate 
O Ring Material EPDM NBR EPDM NBR  
Max. Water Pressure 0.62 0.49 0.62 0.49  
Temperature 4℃~45℃  
Height 356mm 365mm 620mm 614mm  365mm 614mm 
Width 184mm 190mm 184mm 190mm 190mm  189mm 
Filter Cartridge 250mm Big size 508mm Big size 250mm Big size  508mm Big size 

HPHT & BHPHTModels (for High Temperature / High Pressure)
The Reinforced Nylon body of housing makes it suitable for High Pressure and High Temperature.
It can be used with 70mm diameter to 115mm big size filter cartridges. It also can be used for coarse
filtering to high precision filtration.

Model  HPHT-250-34 HPHT-500-34 BHPHT-250-34
Connection 3/4" 3/4" 1"  3/4" 1" 
Head section Reinforced Nylon Reinforced Nylon
Housing Material Reinforced Nylon Reinforced Nylon
O Ring Material Fluoro Rubber Fluoro Rubber
Max. Water Pressure 0.86MPa 0.86MPa
Max. Water Temp. 93℃ 93℃
Height 318mm  570mm 351mm 603mm 
Width 135mm 135mm   184mm 184mm 
Cartridge size 250mm  508mm 250mm (Big Size) 508mm (Big Size)

HPHT Model


HPF & HPSF Models

The Reinforced Polypropylene body of housing makes it strong against
chemicals and unlike other housings it has a flat top that allows using
in small spaces or even up side down. It can be used with standard 70mm
filter cartridges. It also can be used for coarse filtering to high precision
filtration. The HPSF has a trans parent body and it allows checking the
filter inside without taking the filter out.

      HPF Model        ---- HPSF Model
Model  HPF-125 HPF-250   HPSF-125  HPSF-250 
HPF-125-14  HPF-125-38 HPF-125-12  HPF-250-14 HPF-250-38  HPF-250-12 HPSF-125- 14/ 38/ 12 HPSF-205-14/ 38/ 12 
Head Section Reinforced Polypropylene Reinforced Polypropylene 
Housing Material Reinforced Polypropylene ABS Resin 
O Ring Material NBR NBR 
Max. Water Pressure 0.49MPa 0.49MPa 
Man. Water Temp. 45℃ 45℃ 
In & Outlet size 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 1/4" 3/8"  1/2"   1/4"  3/8"  1/2" 1/4"   3/8" 1/2" 
Height 174mm 299mm 174mm 299mm 
Width 115mm 116mm  115mm 116mm 
Cartridge size 125mm 250mm 125mm   250mm

BFH Model (ABS Resin Housing for bag filter)
The BFH model housing is designed to be used with bag filters because bag filters are different from standard filters and are
made by Nylon or Polypropylene to capture the impurities from the water. This model as a set consists of a housing wrench,
drain valve, pressure guage and basket for the bag.
Model  BFH 
BFH-41010 BFH-41015 BFH-42010 BFH-42015
Head Section Reinforced Polypropylene 
Housing Material Reinforced Polypropylene 
O Ring Material NBR 
Max. Water Pressure  0.6MPa
Man. Water Temp.  38℃
In & Outlet size  1" 1.5"  1"   1.5"
Height 410 series  410 series 
BFH Models         BAG FILTER for BFH Housing

STB & ST Models (Stainless Filter Housing)
The Stainless Steel filter housing model STB & ST are single housing andcompare to Resin
made housings are more corrosion resistance. Also they can be used for chemical solvent. It is
equipped with a drain port and with a simple ball valve connected to the drain port, the water
can be drained before replacing the filter cartridge.

Model STB   ST  
  STB-1  STB-2  STB-3  STB-4  ST-1  ST-2 ST-3 
Connection 3/4" 3/4" 1" 1" 3/4"  3/4"  1" 
Head Section Stainless Steel (SUS 304) Stainless Steel (SUS 304) 
Housing Material Stainless Steel (SUS 304) Stainless Steel (SUS 304) 
O ring Material NBR  NBR
Max. Water Pressure 0.6MPa 1.75MPa  
Max. Water Temp. 120℃ 120℃ 
Cartridge size 250mm 508mm 762mm 1016mm 250mm  508mm  750mm 

     STB Model

      ST Model

HIFP-B Models (Stainless Filter Housing for high flow)
The Stainless Steel filter housing model HIFP-B series for large volume of flow
unlike single filter housing can be loaded with several filter cartridges to maximize
the flow rate. With Stainless Steel housing, the corrosion resistance quality is also
optimized. Model HIFP-F is advance version with one single exclusive filter for large
volume of ater flow. One single filter allows for lower installation cost as well as easy

              HIFP-F Models
Head Section Stainless Steel (SUS304)
Housing Material Stainless Steel (SUS304)
O Ring Material NBR, NR
Max. Water Pressure 0.5MPa
Max. Water Temp. 60℃
In & Out let 1" 1・1/2" 1・1/2" 1・1/2" 1・1/2" 1・1/2" 1・1/2" 2" 2" 2" 2"
Drain Port
Pressure Relief
Cartridge size (250mm) (500mm~508mm) (750mm~762mm) (1000mm~1016mm)
No. of Cartridges 3 5 7 3 5 7 3 5 7 5 7

HIFP-F Model (Big size filter housings)
Main body is made by polypropylene which makes the
----housing excellent chemial resistance.
It can be loaded with 250mm & 508mm filter cartridges
----for different applications.
Compare to standard type larger volume of water can flow.
With 115mm outside dimension it can be used with bigger filters
Model HIFP-F-17-1 HIFP-F-17-3 HIFP-F-17-5 HIFP-F-17-8
Head Section Stainless Steel (SUS316L)
Housing Material Stainless Steel (SUS316L)
O Ring Material NBR
Max. Water Pressure 1.0MPa
Man. Water Temp. 60℃
In & Outlet size 2" 4" Flange 6"Flange 8"Flange
Drain Port
Pressure relief
Cartridge type JPEP Series
No. of cartridges 1 3 5 8

Specifications of Jambo filters for HIFP-F series

Filteration accuracy (μm) 1A, 0.35, 1, 5, 20, 50, 100,150
Operating Temp. 5 - 60℃
Filter Material Polypropylene
Core Material PVC
End Cap material Polyurethane
Dimension (mm) Length: 780, Diameter: 200

Cyclone Filters
No need for filter cartridge, there for no filter clogging up and no filter
With gravity over 1.8, effectively filters any hard particle of over 40µm.
It can effectively remove any sand, dirt, metal chip, sludge, etc. from the
source water.
Can remove substances from well water, River water, Factory drainage water.
By just
  opening the drain valve the filtered substances can be removed.
It can be made for small flow of 18lit/day to large flow of more than 13,000lit/day.

Model CF-50 CF-75 CF-100 CF-150 CF-200 CF-300
Flow rate (lit/min.) 18~52 52~94 105~185 253~435 340~594 775~1,343
Water Pressure 1 MPa
Temperature 93℃
Material Carbon Steel
Inlet size 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1・5" 2" 3"
Outlet size 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1・5" 2" 3"
Drain size 3/4" 1・1/2"
Width (mm) 153 254
Height (mm) 570 762 864

1) The impure water whirpool into the filter

2) Whirloop velocity forces the contaminants separate from the water


 3) Separated contaminants hit the wall of the filter and sink at the
                        bottom of drain port compartment
4) The contaminants that have sunk into the drain port -compartment
                        can be removed through drain valve.

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