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 The UV units for water treatment consist of a specialized low pressure mercury
vapor lamp that produces ultraviolet radiation at 254 nm. Ultraviolet disinfection
of water consists of a purely physical, chemical-free process. The UV - C radiation
inparticular , with a wavelength of 254 nm attacks the vital DNA of the bacteria
directly. The radiation initiates a photochemical reaction that destroys the genetic
information contained in the DNA. The bacteria lose their reproductive capability
and are destroyed. UV disinfection leaves no taint , chemicals or residues in the
treated water.
 Disinfection using UV light is quick, clean and no bacteria, viruses or moulds
are immune to UV. The degree of inactivation by ultraviolet radiation is directly
related to the UV dose applied to the water.
 The dosage, a product of UV light intensity and exposure time, is measured in
microwatts per second per square centimeter, or unambiguously as microwatt
seconds per square centimeter (µW·s/cm2). Dosages for a 99.9% kill of most bacteria
and virus range from 2,000 to 8,000 µW·s/cm2.

The effect of UV ray on bacteria's DNA bonding

Advance Oxidation Water Purification System
Sequential operation allows deodorizing, decolorizing and purifying the water.
Designed for waste water, Sewage and Grey water
The system can be customized to suite any application.
UV Power can germicide the water up to 99.9%
The system can be made with upto 12 tubes of 110W UV lamps in each reactor tank. Each lamp with 5,000 to 6,000 efective life span.

Powerful water treatment System

All Stainless Steel with Up to 16 tubes of 110W UV lamps can process up to 60kl/H.
The number of UV Lamps and the size of the tanks can be customize for any     process capacity.
 UV Lamps with more than 5,000 hours of Life Span, Low cost & easy to maintain.

UV / Ozone Water Sterilizer System
The germicidal effect of the system is optimized by injecting the generated
  ozone into water.
Alarm system will notify any malfunction on the system.
Separate switches for each lamp allows to control the water flow and the
  required energy.
Low cost and easy maintenance. 
Alarm system will notify any malfunction on the system.

Water Storage Tank Sterilizer
UV light sterilizes liquid and air inside the tank without affecting the taste
  & color of product.
A quartz jacket separated the lamp from products without reducing the germi-
 cidal power.
It is compact and there will be no need for additional system near the product


The System can be employed in one the following patterns
Top insertion:
  The lamp can be inserted into the tank from top of the tank.
  In this pattern, the air above the liquid is also disinfected.

Side insertion:
  The lamp can be inserted from the side. Depending on the
  application several lamps can be used to maximize the efficiency.

Side & Top insertion:
  The lamp(s) on the side can disinfect the liquid while the lamp
  on top disinfects the air in the tank.

Other Water Treatment Systems
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