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A source of safe and clean energy for every house holds, Offices and Out door activities

 OS CO., LTD a Japanese pioneer in manufacturing screens for projectors since 1953 has combined the same technology with a
brilliant idea to manufacture the RETRACTABLE PORTABLE SOLAR GENERATORS (Registered Trade mark) which is
a very safe and reliable source of clean energy not only for emergency situations, but also for all other situations under which the
electricity is not available.
 The small type with 20W output weighs less than 3Kg、also the other models with different output can easily be carried around
and set up almost everywhere by just pulling out the retractable solar screen or just unfolding sheet and place it under the sun. It
will charge the built-in rechargeable battery in a few hourd and provides electricity that can be used to light up a low wattage LED
light for few hourd or directly charge smart phones and tablet computers.