Photolithography or optical lithography is a process used in micro fabrication to selectively remove parts of a thin film or the bulk of a substrate. It uses light to transfer a geometric pattern from a photo mask to a light sensitive chemical called photo resist or simply resist on the substrate. A series of chemical treatments then either engraves the exposure pattern into, or enables deposition of a new material in the desired pattern upon, the material underneath the photo resist.
Mask Aligner Systems or photolithographic alignment tools
shares some fundamental principleswith photography in which the pattern in the etching resist is created by exposing it to light, either directly without using a mask or with a projected image using an optical mask. This procedure is comparable to a highprecision version of the method used to make Printed Circuit Board (PCB). It can create extremely small patternsdown to a few tens of nanometers in size cost effectively and it has exact control over the shape and size of theobjects.

Model 200 & 200IR Mask Aligner and UV Exposure System
Model 200 Mask Aligner and UV Exposure System is a cost effective high performance bench top mask aligner that requires minimal space. It offers an economic alternative for R&D, or limited scale, pilot production. Utilizing an innovative, air bearing / vacuum chuck leveling system, the substrate is leveled quickly and gently, for parallel photo mask alignment and uniform contact across the wafer during contact exposure. The system is capable of one micron resolution and alignment precision.The alignment module features mask insert sets and quick-change wafer chucks that facilitate the use of a variety of substrates and masks without requiring special tools for reconfiguration. The alignment module incorporates micrometers for X, Y, and Z-axis.The Model 200 Mask Aligner features a UV light in Near or Deep UV using lamps ranging in power from 200 to 2000 watts. Dual-sensor, optical feedback loops are linked to the constant intensity controller to provide control of exposure intensity within ±2% of the desired intensity.The Model 200IR Mask Aligner is a flexible, economic solution for any entry-level mask alignment and UV exposure application for MEMS,Micro-fluidics and NIL.

Model 800FSA, Front side Mask Aligner System
Model 800FSA Mask Aligner is a semi-automated, optical front side maskaligner.
 It delivers ultra-precise (1µm-2µm) alignment accuracy and ideal for use in low
volume production, R&D labs, and universities. The Model 800FSA Mask Aligner
can be configured with a wide variety of light sources that range in power up to 2KW.   The mask aligner tooling can accommodate substrates up to 200mm square, and
the wafer chuck is positioned to allow for easy loading and unloading.
 This cost effective mask aligner features motorized auto leveling and auto gap setting.  Built on a vibration isolation platform, the fixed mask holder assembly guarantees alignment accuracy and repeatability. Operation is simplified using the easy-to-read, PLC touch screen

Model 600, Large Substrate Mask Aligner and UV Exposure System


 The Model 600 Large Substrate Mask Aligner System has many unique features that
add to its exceptional versatility. It can be configured to suit any applications.
 This mask aligner has a wide range of options including special alignment optics, pressure sensitive chucks (for use with brittle substrates), and multi-spectral exposure systems, enabling the user to select the exposing wavelength (Near, Mid or Deep UV). With its interchangeable subsystem modules, the system can be configured to meet standard applications as well as many unique or unusual requirements. Light Sources (using special, mirrored optics) are available up to 5KW for substrates up to 20 inches square.

Model 5000 Front-side, Automated Sub-micron Mask Aligner and Exposure System


Model 5000 Mask Aligner is an advanced, high-performance, fully-automated mask aligner and exposure tool that delivers ultra precise, front side, sub-micron alignment and resolution for the most demanding semiconductor device and surface MEMS applications. Its flexible design allows printing on various substrates - round or square up to 200mm. The exposure system is compatible with photo resist in Near, Mid,
or Deep UV range.
This versatile mask aligner is engineered for a wide variety of process applications. It is
designed primarily as a full production tool, but is available in a manual configuration for which it is well suited for low volume production, short-run engineering, or R&D applications. The tool may be used in proximity, contact or vacuum modes with lamp power up to 5000W and a low-maintenance design.

Model 2012AF 300mm Automated Flood Exposure System
The Model 2012AF Flood Exposure System provides a cost-effective method for edge
bead removal using standard shadow mask technology. Designed to accommodate
wafers up to 300mm, the tool features automated FOUP loading. Mask and substrate changeover can be accomplished quickly and easily adding to both versatility and high-volume throughput of this production tool.

Solar/PV Technologies


 Complete line of Class AAA Solar Simulators with maximum exposure area of
300mm X 300mm and their related products for the photovoltaic and solar simulation